Who is Bobby D. Thompson, Inc.?


In a word – one of the best Teams of drivers out there. BDT offers a great Team environment. We are sought after as a place of employment because of our Team culture. There are a lot of options for CDL drivers…and let’s face it, for some driving a waste collection truck is not considered a glamorous job. But if you don’t want to spend your life sitting in a cab hauling goods throughout the country and are willing to work hard and produce results, the benefits you gain from this job are MANY. Enjoy a LIFESTYLE that is complemented by being a BDT driver and take advantage of some of the benefits of working for Bobby D. Thompson, Inc.:

  • Work Local – work where you live and avoid life on the road
  • Most Weekends Off – allowing you more time with family and friends
  • No Overnights – no OTR assignments taking you away from your family
  • Steady Paycheck & Fair Wages – as a residential driver the work is steady and so is the pay
  • Great Potential – our supervisors started as drivers; loyalty is rewarded
  • On-the-job Training – we teach you what you need to know to succeed in this job
  • Generous Benefits – at a time when benefits are being cut our drivers have great benefits
  • Team Environment – we have a great Team culture with a positive and mentoring management team
  • Enjoy the Outdoors – you aren’t stuck inside a cab all day and there is potential, when the work is done, to have your afternoons to yourself
  • Meet Great People – both those you work with and the customers you serve